Services provided

I can provide a number of services supporting your GPS implementation.

GPS training

I can provide in-house training for your staff that comes into contact with technical drawings, including designers, manufacturing and process engineers, metrology and quality personnel, and purchasing.

I have an off-the-shelf training package that covers most aspects of GPS in 3 days. It can be tailored to your needs by adding and removing modules to fit how you want to implement GPS.

The training can be supplemented with workshops, either as part of the same session or as a separate session once the students have had some time to apply their GPS skills. In the workshops we typically take one of your products or a set of components and go through the process of tolerancing them, while discussing the tolerancing decisions along the way. This teaches the systematic application of GPS and the thought process that goes into systematically tolerancing components, so they will function together.

GPS coaching

Coaching is usually a more long-term service that follows up on the training. In a coaching relationship, I will function as the sounding board for your GPS leaders in discussing tolerancing decisions and help evaluate alternative tolerancing approaches for your components.

The purpose of the coaching is to give your GPS leaders an opportunity to present and argue for their tolerancing decisions and provide systematic feedback.

GPS drawing review

Drawing review can either take the form of a review of your current drawings to give you an idea of how GPS can help you and the strenghts and shortcomings of your tolerancing, or it can be a long-term service following up on the training, but less interactive than coaching.