Henrik S. Nielsen

HSN 03

The following information is intended to give a general impression of my experience in the fields of dimensional metrology, geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing and quality systems for calibration laboratories.

I have been working in these fields since I received my masters degree in 1984. I finished my  Ph. D. in 1987 (diploma dated 1988) and then worked as a metrology consultant until 1991.

In 1991 I moved to the US. I worked for Cummins Engine Co. as Technical Manager - Corporate Standards from 1991 to 1998.

I have worked as an independent consultant since 1998.

Here is a downloadable version of my resume.

Education and Work History:

2004 - present
Partner in Institute for Geometrical Product Specifications.
2001 - present
President of HN Proficiency Testing, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
1998 - present
President of HN Metrology Consulting, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Cummins Engine Co. Columbus, Indiana, USA Technical Manager - Corporate Standards
Owned and operated Strøbæk Software, a software development company
Institute for Product Development, Lyngby, Denmark. Metrology Consultant
Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark on a thesis on Digital Measurement of Surfaces
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark

Major work assignments:

Wrote “The ISO Geometrical Product Specification Handbook”. Published in 2012 by ISO - the International Organization for Standardization and Danish Standards.
Wrote “GPS Bogen” (The GPS Book) and “GPS hæftet” (The GPS Booklet)  to be used as textbooks on Geometrical Product Specifications  in Danish trade schools. Published in 2010 by Danish Standards and the Danish Trade Schools’ Publishing House.
2009 - present:
Provided training on Geometrical Product Specifications both publicly through Danish Standards and in-house for individual companies.
2004 - 2005:
Wrote and published the “GPS Pocketbook”, which has sold over 14,000 copies in five languages with Dr. Per Bennich.
Founded Institute for Geometrical Product Specifications as a joint venture with Dr. Per Bennich.
Obtained A2LA accreditation for HN Proficiency Testing, Inc. to ILAC Guide 13.
Founded HN Proficiency Testing, Inc. A company providing proficiency testing for accredited laboratories. Serves as technical advisor for dimensional measurements.
2000 - 2002
Provided training on Laboratory Accreditation to ISO Guide 25 and/or ISO/IEC 17025 for over 250 people.
1999 - 2009
A2LA Lead Calibration Assessor
1999 - present
Developed Model Quality System for calibration laboratory compliance with ISO Guide 25 or ISO 17025. Implemented at about 20 calibration and testing laboratories, several of which successfully pursued accreditation.
1999 - present
Provided training on Measuring Uncertainty for over 1200 people.
1999 - 2001
Provided training on Roughness & Roundness for over 200 people.
Founded HN Metrology Consulting, Inc.
Established Cummins Corporate Standards Laboratory as the first DKD accredited dimensional laboratory in the US.
1995 - 1998:
Developed and deployed a training package complementing the "Cummins Measurement Systems Handbook."
1993 - 1995:
Co-wrote the "Cummins Measurement Systems Handbook", redefining how Cummins assesses measuring systems.
1993 - 1998:
Co-organized the annual Cummins Corporate Metrology Council meetings and made several presentations at each council.
1992 - 1997:
Supported the Cummins UK plants as a metrology consultant, providing training, assisting with procurement, performing audits and guiding the UK Metrology Council.
1991 - 1996:
Developed and executed a 5 year plan to turn the Cummins Corporate Standards Laboratory into a modern, well-equipped and well-documented standards laboratory.
Established the Danish National Laboratory for surface finish.
1990 - 1991:
Wrote parts of a payroll data base program for IBM.
1987 - 1990:
Managed a Nordic collaboration project on surface finish, wrote a comprehensive surface finish software package.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

2008 - 2017
Chairman ISO TC 213 “Dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verification"
2006 - 2009
Expert Delegate ISO CASCO WG 28 “Proficiency Testing"
1996 -
Expert Delegate ISO TC 213 “Dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verification” and its working groups and advisory groups
1998 - 2000
Expert Delegate ISO/IEC JTAG 4 “Metrology” (closed)
1993 - 1996
Expert Delegate ISO /TC 3-10-57/Joint Harmonization Group and its task groups. (converted into TC 213)
1993 - 1996
Expert Delegate TC 3/WG 10 “CMMs” (converted into TC 213)
1988 - 1996
Expert Delegate TC 57 “Surface Texture” and its subcommittees and working groups. (converted into TC 213)


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